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Highways Training UK

Specialist in VRS & Traffic Management Training


Highways Training UK is a specialist in VRS (vehicle restraint systems) & traffic management training, and has been established for 8 years. We pride ourselves on being trusted training providers of NHSS10B Propitiatory Systems from market leaders Hill & Smith, Tata Steel, Colas and Delta Bloc. Our instructors industry experience and knowledge allows us to bring real world practicality and credibility into the classroom.

Highways Training UK offers unparalleled expertise and expertise in Traffic Management practices and training. We deliver the curriculum required by the National Highways Sector Scheme documents in a way that respects our learners and guides them to become effective, safe and productive industry professionals.

We also work with organisations nationwide to offer consultancy on training requirements along side the delivery of training and technical support in the workplace


Skanska Infrastructure Services use Highways Training UK Limited to deliver all Vehicle Restraint Systems Training across our Highways Sector.  Highways Training constantly provides high quality training which is delivered through extremely knowledgeable training instructors who are very engaging with delegates.  We always receive the flexibility of being able to contact Highways Training at any time day/night.  The delegate feedback is always very positive and in view of this Highways Training is our preferred supplier for all VRS training.  Highways Training are a very reliable and professional training provider.

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